What the Critics are saying

What the Critics are saying about If A Door Opens the Journey Frances Perkins

Two Remarkable Women and One Remarkable Play

Frances Perkins? Who is she? Her name sounded vaguely familiar. Yet, I could not initially recall her epic contributions to the social fabric of these United States. Friday evening at Metta Theater clarified all that.

We were among the fortunate members of the audience at Metta Theater’s first of nine performances of Taos’ remarkable Charlotte Keefe’s one-woman play, “If a door opens: A journey with Frances Perkins.” Playwright/actor Keefe wrote and performed the play as Perkins, first woman U. S. Cabinet member and architect-mother of Social Security and other landmark New Deal social programs.

Keefe’s script and acting left us instantly captivated by Perkins, as she gently and gracefully took us along on her compelling journey through a series of doors, previously closed and barred to women, culminating in her appointment as U. S. Secretary of Labor in the Roosevelt administration. Keefe’s performance was polished and near flawless. The instant she stepped onto the stage she was indeed Frances Perkins.

Thank you, Charlotte Keefe, for bringing Frances Perkins, her monumental work and her timely socio-political message on our behalf, to Taos and to our nation. Your play and your performance are “must not miss” theater and life experiences!

Robert J. Silver

OP-Ed, The Taos News

“Texas Premier–Lubbock, Texas”

Charlotte’s play and performance earned a 100% positive review from Bill Kerns. That’s brilliant! Read the review here: http://lubbockonline.com/entertainment/2013-01-26/keefe-delivers-wonderful-performance-enlightening-tribute#.UQgFSqVpvOE


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